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Dimitri Tsitos & Etienne Compagnon | 1/12/2021

In this episode Steve Gabriel shares with us his experience on Wellspring Forest Farm, focusing on his sheep silvopasture system. Steve has used the different ecological niches present on his land to build up various enterprises and has refused to separate productions, preferring rather to take advantage of interactions and edge effects. You'll find out how he uses trees to diversify the habitat of his sheep and how this very same diversity can become a key asset in time of crisis. We also cover the importance of the breed, the role of tree fodder, patterns of tree planting and many other fascinating things!

FACT Webinars (from 2020)

Part 1: Designing Silvopasture Plantings

Part 2: Why Trees Die in Silvopasture (and how you can help save them!)

Part 3: Choosing the Right Animal, for the Right Place, at the Right Time

Trees for Livestock Food and Medicine (originally presented in March 2020)


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In this interview we focus on Silvopasture, and Steve explains the main components, and benefits of this historic land management practice. We cover a lot of ground including choosing animals for the system, good grazing practices, hedgerows and living fence barriers, options for tree crops and timber, and a whole lot more.

Food Safety Webinar with Savannah Institute  -- 9.15.2020
Google Earth for Farmers, video 1 of 4
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The Potential of Silvopasture, Part 1

webinar broadcast on 2.28.18 by Steve Gabriel defining silvopasture and its benefits

The Potential of Silvopasture, Part 2

webinar broadcast on 2.28.18 by Brett Chedzoy describing his farm's silvopasture process.

Angus Glen Farm

Silvopasture & Climate Change, Part 1

webinar broadcast on 3.5.18 from Steve Gabriel describing his farm's adaption to climate change through silvopasture

Silvopasture & Climate Change, Part 2

webinar broadcast on 3.5.18 with Eric Toensmeier discussing the latest research pertaining to the global impacts of silvopasture on a changing climate.


Recent podcast interview with the Ruminant

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