In writing the book, we referenced over 300 journal articles, PDF guides, audio, video, and more. There is so much good information out there, but its scattered about!
We are working to better organize these resources, but the following are some of our top recommendations for exploring silvopasture.
GENERAL - social networking site for discussion among pratitioners
Silvopasture Facebook page - active discussion group on Facebook
Silvopasture Videos from Cornell Extension - with Brett Chedzoy, Joe Orefice, and Steve Gabriel
Silvopasturing in the Northeast is a publication by Peter Smallidge and Brett Chedzoy that outlines the basic principles and approaches to the practice of silvopasture.
Photo Guide to Northeastern United States Silvopasture by Joe Orifice offers a nice array of examples from active farms demonstrating the wide range of possibilities for silvopasture systems.
Annotated Bibliography of Silvopasture in SE USA - guide from Gregory Frey and Marcu Comer
Silvopasture at Angus Glen Farm - virtual tour and videos about silvopasture and climate change
Silvopasture Guide for Minnesota
(BOOK) Changes in the Land by William Cronon
(BOOK) Indigenous Peoples History of the United States by Rozanne Dunbar – Ortiz
(BOOK) 1491 by Charles Mann
Some Ecological Aspects of Northeastern American Indian Agroforestry Practices : Map of Indigenous Lands of North America
(Book) The Redesigned Forest by Chris Maser
Cornell Forest Connect (recorded lectures on many forestry topics)
Tree Identification:
Sibley’s Guide to Trees by David Allen Sibley
BARK: A field Guide to Trees of the Northeast by Michael Wojtech
Behave website on Animal Behavior (Utah State University):
VIDEO: Fred Provenza YouTube lecture: “Spice of Life”
ARTICLE: More than a Matter of Taste (Fred Provenza):
(Book) The Art and Science of Grazing by Sarah Flack
Tree Hay: A Forgotten Fodder
Black Locust: A Tree with Many Uses (Steve Gabriel):
Article on Propagating Mulberry (Akiva Silver):
New Zealand Willow & Poplar Research Trust:
Online Fodder Tree Database
Pollarding Physiology and Practice:
Mo' Mulberry; Propagation Guide




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