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2023 MUSHROOM CSA from Wellspring Forest Farm

Mecklenburg, NY

Mushrooms are a delicious and incredibly nutritious food & medicine. We grow mainly oyster, king oyster, lion's mane, shiitake, along with other species on logs from sustainably managed forests and on organic straw and sawdust in our solar-powered growhouse. When available, we also forage and offer chanterelles, chicken-of-the woods, and other wild mushrooms and share them with members.

The mushrooms we harvest are packed with antioxidants, vitamins B &D, Iron and are one of the few foods with a complete amino acid profile. Regular fresh mushroom consumption offers your body a potent “adaptogen” which supports and balances your immune system.


Mushrooms are also the protein source with the lightest ecological footprint. Research indicates that mushrooms emit 0.5 kg of CO2 per pound produced, compared to 3.1 – 5.5kg for meat and 0.9kg for tofu.

**NEW this year: we are joining the Certified Naturally Grown program!**



SPRING – Week of April 3 to June 5 (10 weeks)

SUMMER -- Week of June 12 to August 25 (12 weeks)

FALL -- Week of Sept 4 to Nov 20 (12 weeks)


Pick Up Locations:


* At our Farm in Mecklenburg 

* Main St Market in Trumansburg 

* Mama Goose in Ithaca 

*Ecovillage Ithaca (residents only)



*Plowbreak Farm CSA (Ithaca at Liquid State) - Thurs

*Sweetland Farm CSA in Trumansburg - Tues/Fri



Half Pound: $6/$7/$8 per week

Full Pound: $11/$13/$15 per week

We offer tiered pricing for our CSA based on household income, to increase access to our products. Those who can afford to pay more support our ability to provide for others in our community who cannot. We also offer payment plans to work with your budget which just requires a deposit.

Tier 1:  lower income or experiencing unemployment, or other financial challenges

Tier 2: reflect the true costs of the product

Tier 3: households with abundant financial resources help us support others to access our products

A portion of our revenue is donated to support the traditional people whose lands we farm on, the Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ (Cayuga Nation) to support language and seed saving efforts.



Payment Methods:

CHECK: Mail to Wellspring Forest Farm, 6164 Deer Run Ln Trumansburg NY 14886

VENMO: @WellspringForestFarm16   



If you have questions please email or call/text Steve at 607 342 2825.



Wellspring Forest Farm

Mecklenburg, NY

607 - 342 – 2825


Our forest farm is committed to leaving a forest in the footsteps of farming. We actively intersect the production of food and medicine with land restoration. Our solar-powered farm also trains the next generation of farmers through our books, workshops, and online courses.


Learn more about us:

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