Managing your land and woodlot brings many questions to the table.

In order to assist landowners, homesteaders, and farmers in making good decisions for themselves and their land, we offer one-on-one coaching that focuses around helping clients better understand their resource and empower them to take steps to develop a work plan.

We specialize in consulting for many types of lands uses:

  • Managing water; siting ponds and solving flooding issues

  • Understanding forest composition and options for productive use

  • Commercial mushroom cultivation enterprise planning

  • Planning tubing systems and production for maple syrup

  • Integration of livestock with woodlands and trees

  • Productive buffers along waterways and in wet locations

  • Siting of buildings and other infrastructure


Ultimately, we seek to balance your goals with approaches that improve the ecological health of your land for generations to come.

"Steve’s visit was not only immeasurably informative, it motivated and inspired us. In addition to the actual consultation, he followed up via email summarizing main steps and provided additional reading material. He truly wants you to succeed. I have no doubt that his consultation not only prevented us from making some costly mistakes, it enhanced our project beyond what I imagined."           - 2016 client

Examples of past work include:

    •    Forest walks where we ID plants and trees and discuss ecology and management strategies
    •    Managing water as a resource through swales and ponds and restoration of streams and creeks to reduce erosion
    •    On-site work including tree marking, felling, private chainsaw lessons, and small earthmoving jobs with an excavator
    •    Support navigating agricultural incentive programs, tax law, and enterprise budgeting

We are able to offer consultations in person and over the phone. If you are located a far distance from us, we can often do much of the work through conversations and on google earth from a distance.

If you’d like to discuss your forest goals and projects and receive a FREE estimate for our services, please feel free to contact Steve at with “CONSULT REQUEST” in the subject line, or call 607.342.2825


6164 Deer Run Ln, Trumansburg NY