Our educational mission is to inspire and help build the skills of all people who want to better understand the woods and how they can both steward ecological health and productive use. For the time being all programming is being done online.  Please see our policy page before registering for a class.

Silvopasture In Practice (online course)

Silvopasture is the practice of integrating trees, grazing animals, and forages in a mutually beneficial ecosystem that has been rated #1 among all agriculture solutions to a changing climate.


In this course we will discuss the indigenous roots of silvopasture and agroforestry, learn best principles and practices, and discuss strategies to convert woodlands to silvopasture and plant trees successfully in pasture. Along the way, we use the natural ecology of the landscape, the inherent wisdom of the animals, and innovative concepts such as tree fodder to create living, productive ecosystems that enhance habitat for both farm and wild animals.

The course includes videos, readings, case studies,and previously recorded webinars expert guests. Access the self-directed course at anytime and enjoy

lifetime access to the content including the opportunity to tune into future live offerings.

Facilitated by author of SILVOPASTURE and farmer Steve Gabriel, the course is designed to mirror the chapters in the book and provide an enhanced study guide for anyone seeking to improve their livestock ecosystems.


PAST GUESTS (archived recordings)

- Fred Provenza on Animal Nutritional Wisdom, author

- Connor Stedman on Ecology and Wildlife Benefits of Silvopasture

- Brett Chedzoy, Angus Glen Farm, 350+ Acre Beef Silvopasture in NY

- Faith Gilbert of Letterbox Farm, on Financial Planning for Livestock

- Sarah Flack, author of Art and Science of Grazing



$175/$200/$225 tiered pricing based on household income

includes lifetime access to the course content, with annual live webinars.