Each season we hire a farm employee from April thru November to assist in our day-to-day activities running the farm. This position is best suited for those who have 1+ years farm experience and are looking to build on their career goals in agriculture by incorporating agroforestry. See details below and apply by FEBRUARY 15!

We also welcome seasonal organization-affiliated apprentices from June - October, with at least a two month commitment to being here during that time window. Apprentices work on the farm one to three days a week. This role is best suited for those with less experience, who are looking to better understand rotational grazing systems, silvopasture, mushroom production, and small scale forestry and tree management. For labor and insurance reasons, apprentices need an affiliation with an educational institution or organization. If interested, email stevegabrielfarmer@gmail.com for more details.

2021 employment positions have been filled.