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Initial Intake

All consulting starts with one 90-minute call over ZOOM using Google Earth to look at the site. The call is followed with a short summary over email and potential next steps. This is billed after the call and payment is requested within one week.

Further Work

There are many directions this could take, and will be best expressed after the intake call as a set of options and estimated hours.


Some clients request follow up phone calls, billed hourly. (No minimum)


If a site visit or a more complete design package is requested, a total cost for the scope of work will be estimated, with a request for 50% deposit and 50% upon completion of deliverables. ($500 minimum)


Site Visits (currently limited to New York State only)

Mileage to/from site at 57.4 cents/mile and hourly charge

$150 minimum for sites further than 1 hour drive.



I offer tiered rates based on household income. Those who can afford more help support working with those who can’t, and together we all move forward. See for more info on Tiers.


Tier 1 : $45/hr           Tier 2: $60/hr           Tier 3: $80/hr

If you’d like to discuss further, please feel free to contact Steve at with “CONSULT REQUEST” in the subject line, or call 607.342.2825

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