Feb 10 - March 16

Webinars on Mondays 1pm - 3pm EST


COST: $175/$200/$225 tiered pricing based on household income.

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LIVE webinars: Feb 10 - March 16, 2020 at 1pm EST

Silvopasture is rated #1 among all agriculture solutions to a changing climate, and we have the tools and experts handy to help you get started wherever you may be. This online course mirrors the chapters in our SILVOPASTURE book, supporting participants to deepen their understanding of the practice through weekly live webinars, case studies, and support as to work through a plan for their operation.


Join author and farmer Steve Gabriel, along with a range of special guest presenters sharing their knowledge and expertise.

We will cover many of the critical decision points including selection of animals and trees, layout and planning of plantings, fencing systems, and more. We will also cover strategies to budget and find sources of funding to help get your silvopasture off the ground.

Week 1: Defining Silvopasture Principles & Benefits
Week 2: History and Ecology
Week 3: The Animals
Week 4: Woodland Conversion
Week 5: Trees Into Pasture
Week 6: Putting it All Together


Silvopasture Online Course

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