Each of our farm products is part of a forest-based enterprise that supports healthy land while providing nutrient dense and delicious products. You can enjoy our forest farm products at finger lakes restaurants and for sale at the Piggery, as well as join our CSA or shop online.




We grow shiitake, oyster, lions mane, and red wine cap mushrooms on logs and woodchips in our forest and oyster mushrooms on organic straw in our greenhouse


Surplus mushroms are solar-dehydrated, which enhances their flavor and nutrition.


You can join our Mushroom CSA or find our mushrooms fresh at restaurants and the Piggery. Dried mushrooms are available through our online store.



Duck Eggs

Our ducks patrol the forests, gardens, and pasture of the farm, foraging on cover crops and dining on slugs and other bugs while providing rich, delicious eggs. We raise khaki campbell and cayuga ducks. Duck eggs are on average slightly larger than chicken eggs with a slightly larger and more flavorful yolk.

You can find our eggs for sale at the Piggery and local restaurants including Agava and Ithaca Beer.

Pastured Lamb

Our small flock Katahdin sheep live an idyllic life on the farm, rotationally grazing in our woodland and field pastures, living entirely off grass, and benefitting our farm ecology as they move around the farm.


Katahdin's are a hardy, hair variety (they are not sheared) that was originally bred in Maine for cold hardiness, strong parenting instincts, and disease and parasite resistant. We don't use an regular mediciations or dewormers in our sheep.

Lamb/Mutton: $6.75/lb hanging weight, which averages around 40 - 50 lbs per sheep. Half a lamb will cost around $150 and a whole around $325. Your order includes a variety of cuts for the freezer; all excellent for cooking roasts or stews. Available in October & November! Order early, limited quantities available.

Skins: The skin and hair of our sheep is soft, beautiful and warm. Each hide holds a story of an animal raised with love and care on our farm. These make incredible baby blankets, where the natural lanolin is anti-bacteria, hypo-allergenic, and helps regular body temperature.


Each skin is a unique color and pattern. See our online Etsy store for current ones we have available.

Maple Syrup

Each year, our first crop is the sweet sap from our 1-acre of maple trees that we tap and boil down on a wood-fired evaporator as has been done for hundreds of years.

Join us for our annual celebration of Maple Weekend along with members of the New York Maple Producers Association the second weekend in March for tours, tastings, music, and a local farm and craft market.

Elderberry Extract

Our elderberry plantings run along our waterways and protect the soil from erosion while improving water quality. This is the natural habitat of the plant and results in amazing production as well! We steam juice and pack our elderberry syrup for use in cooking or as a medicine.


Elderberry is packed with Vitamin C and many anti-oxidants. The syrup used to be staple in medicine cabinets as the go-to remedy for cold and flu season.

Find our Products at:

6164 Deer Run Ln, Trumansburg NY